Luna University Archives:  Mess-O-Potamia

Top: Silurian figurine, Mesopotamia, c. 5,000-4,000 BC

Center: Sycorax mask, Mesopotamia, c. 4,000 BC

Bottom: The Doctor changing the bulb on top of the TARDIS, Mesopotamia, c. 4,000 BC

Curator’s notes: Something big and dangerous involving aliens and an outrageous amount of running happened in ancient Mesopotamia. Artwork depicting Silurians, Sycorax and The Doctor all appear around this time but vanish abruptly by 4,000 BC.

Humans completely abandoned the area where these artifacts were found for a thousand years afterwards (from 4,000 BC-around 3,000 BC). Some archeologists believe this was due to crippling drought, but seriously, this is The Doctor we’re talking about.  Clearly he did something wibbly and nobody dared set foot there until he fixed things. Furthermore, it is well documented that The Doctor came back to this region in c. 2,700 BC with a companion named Ace to deal with a Timewyrm, not coincidentally right about the time human civilization returned.

[captions and graphics by WriteDragon, curator of the Luna University Archives]

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